Originaly our company was an arable farm. In the 70s Jan Moed started growing rosestocks, which formed the beginning of the nursery. After having growed rosestocks for years, several types of other plants have been added to the assortiment.

Bert Moed (2e generation) continued the expansion by bringing in the production of softfruits and forestry/hedging plants.

Meanwhile Jeroen Moed as a third generation is already fully active within the company with the aim to expand even bigger.

Historie JH Moed Boomkwekerijen
The old farm (1976)

Our activities

We specialize ourselves in the growing of rosestocks, softfruits and forestry/hedging plants. We have more than 40 years of experience in growing quality plants. Because besides the nursery we also have an arable farm, we can always grow our plants on new fresh soil. This ensures that we can offer an outstanding plant quality. We sell all our plants throughout whole Europe and beyond, which is mainly done by Jeroen Moed and his father Bert Moed. Jeroen tries to focus more on the English and Italian sales, and Bert on the Dutch and German sales.

Machinepark JH Moed Boomkwekerijen


Our machinery are ultra-modern, all tractors are equipped with a GPS-System which allows the tractor to steer independently. This increases sustainability, productivity and saves costs. The quality of the plants is also better guaranteed.

We have 3 John Deere tractors and a Case Puma 240 for rough work (plowing etc.). In addition to these tractors, we also have a Manitou telescopic loader in order to load pallets in the field. Besides that, we have an entire list of other machines that we use in our nursery.


Our buildings consist of 3 different objects. The front building has functions as office space, coldstore and grading room. The rear 2 insulated barns of 20m by 40m were built in 2010 and are mainly used for storing machines, grading plants and storing pallets.

Jeroen Moed

Jeroen Moed
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Bert Moed

Bert Moed
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